To ensure a comfortable and safe stay at La Paloma, please be sure to review our Rules and Regulations below.

  1. Check-in time is 3:00 PM and check-out time 11:00 AM. No exceptions.
  2. Deposit all garbage in outside containers.
  3. Take good care of all furniture, fixtures, and plants.
  4. A condo will be occupied by the number of guests for which you have SUBMITTED NAMES.
    • A two bedroom/two bath condo shall be occupied by six (6) guests only.
    • A two bedroom/one bath unit shall be occupied by five (5) guests only.
    • A one bedroom/one bath condo shall be occupied by four (4) guest.
    • A 3 bedroom/two bath condo shall be occupied by eight(8) guests.

    Renters have the privilege of using all common areas (i.e. pools, jacuzzis, barbecues, etc.). However, renters can not bring outside guests into the resort.

  5. Maid service is not provided for condo during your stay.
  6. Not responsible for valuables left in condo.
  7. Bath Towel and Soap are not provided.
  8. Fireworks are strictly prohibited at La Paloma.
  9. Parking spaces correspond to your condo number. Please do not park in someone else's parking space. A $25 US dollar fee will be levied for parking in a space not corresponding to your condo.

    If you need additional parking please ask our security personnel for either a visitor's pass or a "yellow area" pass. It is their discretion based on a LIMITED number of parking areas/parking passes to accommodate a SECOND vehicle. Condo owner is NOT responsible for additional parking passes/spaces.

  10. After 10 PM all sound systems (i.e. radio, TV, stereo equipment) including occupants' voices must be lowered so as not to disturb neighboring condo occupants.
  11. Do not hang wet garments out to dry on balconies.
  12. Cancellation policy: a) If renting between three and four nights we need the first night’s rental two weeks prior to arrival date. Any stay longer than four nights a 50% payment of rental amount shall be due two weeks prior to check-in date. Failure to adhere to this payment timeline shall deem your reservation null and void. In addition, your security and cleaning deposit will be forfeited. Moreover, ANY two night stay throughout the calendar year will also require a 50% rental payment two weeks prior to check-in date or reservation will be cancelled and security/cleaning deposit forfeited.
  13. In case of emergency, you may be contacted from the United States by dialing La Paloma's 24 hour security guard station at: 011526616122277
  14. All persons making the trip shall be deemed to have waived all claims against La Paloma Homeowners for injury, accident, illness occurring during or by any reason of your stay.
  15. Individual signing rental check (hereinafter referred to as "Responsible Party") shall inform ALL guests of Rental House Rules.
  16. Responsible Party's signature on rental check shall indicate his/her full agreement with "Rental Program House Rules" as indicated herewith.
  17. La Paloma's security personnel reserve the right to evict any and all condo occupants or behavior that is deemed inappropriate or disturbing the peace of neighboring condo owners.
  18. In the event of any legal disputes arising directly or indirectly out of this rental relationship, exclusive jurisdiction of this dispute shall be in the appropriate civil court of Baja California, Mexico.
  19. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages in glass containers in or around common areas (swimming pools, jacuzzi). Alcoholic beverages in aluminum, paper, plastic containers is OK. Renters cannot bring pets into La Paloma. Excellent kennel service is provided in the Rosarito Beach area, should you wish to leave your dog behind in the near vicinity during your stay at La Paloma. Kennel reservations will be made on your behalf and a full refund for your kennel lodging expenses will be given.
  20. Jacuzzi and pool area are off limits after 10 p.m.